I Hate Statistics

October 13, 2017 by Boye Wall

I Hate Statistics

I Hate Statistics!

I have tutored many students taking statistics who would rather skip it. But their major required it and they had no choice. Either they hated math, or they simply had no facility for it, so they sought help and found me. Under my tutelage, they started out blind to the value of learning how analyzing data works when done right and how forming misleading conclusions happens all too often. Do the deceivers get away with it because so many of us have "statsphobia?"

As we move through the course, my student learns formulas, applies methods, and draws conclusions. With me as their interpreter, they gradually begin to grasp the vocabulary and strategy for data analysis. Even of they do not become fluent in the jargon of statistics, they come away with a sense for how it is supposed to work.

If you find yourself resisting a statistics lesson or assignment, press on! If necessary, find someone who speaks the language of mathematics who can translate for you. Sometimes all you need is the English translation of a formula for it all to become clear. Once you get past the hurdle of comprehension, you will be able to listen to a news report or an advertisement and realize why you’re hearing those statistical terms. Even better, you will be able to recognize a faulty argument. Think of how empowered you will feel when you can confidently say b#!! $#!+ to a claim by a corporate conglomerate that wants you to swallow their marketing ploy.

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